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IAU-Related Sources
  Recent IAUCs and MPECs
  MPC/MPO/MPS Archive
  Ephemeris of Observable Comets
  International Comet Quarterly
  Comet Brightness Estimates - (ICQ)
  Glossary of (comet and) astronomical terms
  IAU-Minor Planet Center
  NEO Checker
  Comet Checker
  NEO&Comet Checker
  The NEO Confirmation Page
  New Object Ephemeris
Comet Prospects for 2014 and 2015 from BAA Comet Section
Other Comet Information Sites
  The Astronomer - images, ephemeris
  BAA Comet Section Home Page - ephemeris, observations, general information
  Rezman Observatory, Slovenia
  MBK Team - comet observations and images
  Italian Comet Section
  Gary Kronk's Cometography
  Seiichi Yoshida's Comet Pages
  Puckett Observatory Comet Pages - by Tim Puckett
  Comet Section of Germany  - analysis of currently observable comets
  Gerald Rhemann Comet Pages
  Michael Jaeger Comet Pages
  Jim Scotti's Comet Page
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